BudLodge is returning!

Many are familiar with BudLodge, it’s origins, goals and the community of cannabis friendly users in legal states & countries needing it. (Sure, old companies will jump aboard the band wagon to capitalize on what’s less controversial, but we and a couple of others were here in the beginning.)

Some have perhaps seen it in media, as well.

The passing of our co-founder, of Pancreatic Cancer, was devastating, personally and to many of us.

The original founder, is no stranger to tech. Grief and trauma, and it just being difficult to consider doing this without the co-founder. I appreciate those and their patience. The decision to proceed has taken time and I appreciate the support for what started out as Stuck Over (for travelers) and it’s evolution (BudLodge) with the adventures ahead.

Now that cannabis legalization continues to spread, as does the acceptance vs. the taboos BudLodge and many companies faced in the beginning (at that time, even our Facebook pages were blocked), I look forward to this next chapter.

As well, the familiar companies, individuals and new ones that come aboard. Stay tuned for more and feel free to contact below.

Sincerely, -Justine Baker
Contact@BudLodge.com Founder

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